SteerCommand™ – Precise Control Of The Hydraulics

If you have already invested in a steer ready machine and real-world 2 centimeter accuracy is important to you, then SteerCommand is the right solution for you.

Ask us whether your machine is steer ready!


Benefits of SteerCommand™:

  • High precision and better real-world accuracy due to additional sensors for the turning angle of the wheels
  • The steering wheel of the machine does not turn while SteerCommand controls it
  • Supports multiple guidance patterns, including SmartPath™
  • Nine-Axis compensation for uneven terrain
  • Internal compass provides steady heading
  • Compatible with all Ag Leader® displays: InCommand 800™, InCommand 1200™ and Compass™
  • Various installation kits make it compatible with more than 600 models of machines
  • Automatic calibration using the Ag Leader® displays makes the installation easy – even when transferring it from one machine to another