Yara Agro Office® Field – Records Keeping

Agro Office ® Field is a new generation Farm Management Information System (FMIS). Instead of traditional manual-entry records keeping, it captures data automatically from telemetry systems, providing information about cultivated area, fuel consumption, fuel level in tank, machine location, etc.

Coverage Map loaded in Agro Office® Filed

Work area (coverage) from Agro Office ® NAVI

For the purposes of records keeping, the typical farm management data structure is supported: owner / farm / field / year / crop.

In the beginning of the growing season, crop plans can be created. All planned activities for every field and crop can be specified in them. For the purposes of crop rotation, crop plans can also be prepared for several years ahead.

For each field activity during the growing season data about area, machine, equipment (implement) and operator are entered and stored. Inputs, such as fuel, fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, labour, etc. with their respective costs can also be entered.

Reports can be agronomical, as well as financial. Planned vs. actual data can be obtained at any moment. Reports are available in various dimensions – by field, crop, activity type, machine, operator, time period, etc. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing.

The system supports both automated and manual data entry. For example, the cultivated (covered) area can be entered in several ways:

  • Manually
  • It can be imported from the tractor display using a coverage shape file (.shp)
  • It can be approximately calculated, using the machine GPS tracks from the Agro Office ® GPS module. Besidesarea, data about machine, equipment, operator, date, duration, and fuel can be automatically obtained from Agro Office ® GPS as well
  • It can be uploaded wirelessly from Agro Office ® NAVI
Versions Standard Pro Super Pro
Functionalities · Records Keeping

· Field plans

· Financial reports

· Agronomical reports

· GPS Tracking system integration

· Inventory software conectivity

· Coverage

· Yield Maps

· Seeding

· Applicatians

· NDVI Maps

· Soil Sampling for Analysis

· Soil Type Maps

· Conectivity to paralel guidance and farm management system Agro Offie Navi

· Compatibility to AgLeader Ag Finiti System

· Import of data from CLAAS Telematics

· VRA Prescriptions

· Weather Data

· Direct wireless data transfer to

License price

290 EUR

790 EUR

990 EUR

Annual subscription

100 EUR

200 EUR

250 EUR