Yara Agro Office® GPS Tracking

Agro Office ® GPS Tracking is a real-time telemetry and telematics system. It is based on aftermarket hardware devices (GPS trackers) installed in agriculture machines and equipped with data SIM cards to transmit data in real time. The Agro Office ® GPS server “listens” to all devices, stores the data and displays it on the map.



Supported data (depending on the equipment and configuration):

  • Work (time / area), idle time
  • Fuel level in the tank – from aftermarket or factory sensor
  • Driver / implement identification
  • Alerts and notifications
    • Possible fuel theft
    • Engine start/stop
    • Geofence exit/enter
    • Others
  • Telemetry (CAN BUS) data:
    • Engine RPM, load, temperature
    • Wheel / GPS speed
    • Fuel consumption – total / instant
    • Motor hours
    • Others


The Agro Office ® GPS server is a high performance real-time high-availability high-performance telemetry and telematics software. It can store data coming from any device with data SIM card (GPRS modem).

Real-time Notifications

Geographical zones of interest can be configured as so called “geofences”. A geofence can be a polygon (field boundary), route or point. For each geofence, users can configure multiple events to watch for (e.g. crossing the farmyard fence). If the event criterion is met (e.g. a machine exists the farmyard), an alarm is sent – both on the screen and as a push notification on the mobile device (notifications are free, no SMS is required).

Machine maintenance activities (e.g. oil change, filter change, etc.) can be recorded and notifications can be set-up (e.g. next filter change due in 200 motor hours).

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