Rousalov Ltd

Svetoslav Rousalov, Chairman of “Union of Grain Producers – Plovdiv”, managing director of “Rousalov” Ltd., Plovdiv region, Bulgaria, 820 ha “… During my everyday work I use Agro Office Maps to find parcels in the field. I also use it to create a field by choosing several parcels, and then load it to my Trimble CFX 750 GPS navigation system. I import the file with a USB flash drive to the navigation and I find the boundaries of the field with 20 cm positioning accuracy. I wholeheartedly recommend to my colleagues to use the products of MicroAccount, if they would like to make their life easier.”

Agroprom 291

Ivailo Petrov, agronomist at “Agroprom 291” – Silistra, Bulgaria, 1000 ha “Everyone who starts using Agro Office Maps will be convinced by its advantages. The price is not high; according to our calculations, we paid about ten times more as subsidy penalties for overlapping fields during the last year. That is why we already returned our investment and it will save us a lot of costs for the future. There are certain geodesic surveying companies, which provide field mapping services, but you must pay them more than the cost of the software, I’m sure about that. Even if your farm 300 ha, the investment is worth it. Especially if the parcels are scattered at different locations. Our company, for example, has farmland in 16 villages, as far as 50 km apart. And the product helps us greatly with our field mapping work.”


Mirena 99

Liubomir Varbanov, managing director of “Mirena 99”, Pleven region, Bulgaria, 3300 ha “We have been using the software products of MicroAccount since 2012, including Agro Office Maps, Agro Office Land Lease, and Agro Office Land Consolidation. I find Agro Office Maps very useful in boundary mapping, because our fields are very scattered. Moreover, there are some small scale growers, working on their own family land, with whom we have to make sure not to overlap.”