Field Mapping

Field Mapping The basis for farm management and precision farming is Agro Office ® Maps – a mapping system, specialised for agriculture. It uses Google Maps and Microsoft Bing Maps, as well as custom orthophoto images as a base layer. On the map, you can draw your fields and calculate their area – manually or by importing files from various GPS receivers.

Farm Management

Agro Office ® Field is a new generation Farm Management Information System (FMIS). Instead of traditional manual-entry records keeping, it captures data automatically from telemetry systems, providing information about cultivated area, fuel consumption, fuel level in tank, machine location, etc.

Precision Farming

Precision farming is about field data analysis. With Agro Office ® it doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. Agro Office ® enables farmers to have all the information about their fields and crops at a glance. They can make drill-down analysis to identify the reasons for certain conditions (e.g. low or high yield) and to make decisions. This is possible, because Agro Office ® is compatible with most precision farming systems – John Deere Green Star, Ag Leader, Claas, Trimble, Topcon, etc. Display data is presented as maps (which is much more understandable than endless tables). This way, farmers can easily identify the good and the problematic zones. Furthermore, by overlaying maps, they can analyse the possible reasons and take appropriate measures.

Parallel Guidance

Revolution in GPS guidance systems for farming. See exactly where you work, even with poor visibility – in the night, fog or snow. Forget the inconvenience of USB flash drives!


The right to choose your preferred brand of agriculture equipment is all yours. That is why Agro Office ® is open to all – Ag Leader, John Deere, Trimble, Topcon, Claas Telematics, Müller Elektronik, Leica Geosystems, TeeJet, Raven, Garmin, Android and iOS devices. To make it even easier, we develop interfaces to many telemetry and wireless data transfer systems.