Yara Agro Office® Fuel

Agro Office ® Fuel is an innovative system for company gas stations and fuel tank trucks with triple fuel control.

Agro Office ® Fuel is an innovative system for company gas stations and fuel tank trucks with triple fuel control.

  • How much is the fuel filled in each machine / by each driver;
  • How much is the fuel in the gas station tank and what were the supplies;
  • How much is the fuel consumed by each machine and for which field / activity.

You get a complete view on everything that happens with the gas station in your farm. The system is designed for in-house gas stations, fuel tank trucks, stationary or transportable fuel vessels. In Agro Office Fuel you can see, on one hand, all fuel supplies, and on the other hand – every fuel fill with information about date and time, machine/driver, amount filled, and location. The system is fully autonomous – it does not require attendance by a designated operator; that is why it significantly reduces the risk of mistakes or fuel theft. To be able to fill fuel, the driver must identify himself and/or the machine with a RFID chip.

Agro Office Fuel – Advantages:

  • Triple fuel control – you can monitor fuel supplies, machine fuel fills, and fuel consumption; • The system works autonomously – no human operator, no dedicated computer, and no constant internet access is necessary. This makes it very reliable and suitable for fuel tank trucks and mobile fuel vessels;
  • Option for two RFID chips – you can monitor which driver fills fuel and in which machine;
  • You can monitor the amount of diesel in the tank and be able to tell how much fuel you need to order and when;
    • Through the integration with Agro Office GPS you can check the filled fuel versus the consumed fuel – for each machine (tractor, harvester combine, self-propelled sprayer, etc.), and for each driver;
  • Using the integration with Agro Office Agronomist you can keep record of the fuel consumed for each field and for each field activity. This way, you can automatically prepare a fuel consumption report and claim a reduction in the excise duty on diesel, if applicable;
    • You can keep record of the actual fuel amount and the fuel amount, calculated at 15°С.

By default, the system is disabled – even if you pull the trigger of the fuel nozzle, the pump will not start and you cannot fill fuel. When you touch the identification device (reader) with the RFID chip the electronic block checks if the chip is allowed or not allowed. If the chip is not allowed, the system stays disabled. If the chip is allowed, the pump turns on and you can fill fuel when you pull the nozzle trigger. After you complete the fuel fill, the system goes into disabled mode again. All the information – chip (machine/driver) ID, date and time, fuel amount, and location – is stored in the electronic block memory and is simultaneously sent to the server via GPRS (mobile internet). In case fuel is filled from a tank truck at a distant place with no internet connection, all the data is stored and then sent to the server as soon as the truck returns to a location with GSM coverage. Thus, you always have the following detailed information:

  • Amount of fuel filled;
  • Date and time of the fuel fill;
  • Machine / driver;
  • Fuel fill location (for fuel trucks / mobile fuel vessels);
  • Supply information: date/time, supplier, invoice number, actual amount of fuel, amount of fuel calculated at 15°С, cost, etc.;
  • Available fuel in the tank – in litres or as percentage (option).

You can monitor all this data both in real time and for any period in the past – on your computer, tablet or even smart phone – the latter with the help of Agro Office Mobile.


Agro Office Fuel uses a special electronic block with a GPRS modem and a SIM card. Its purpose is to identify if chips are allowed or not allowed, to turn on and off the fuel pump, to measure the fuel level in the tank using the fuel level sensor, as well as to store and send the data about fuel fills and fuel level to the server.


The system can be equipped with a fuel level sensor in the tank. Thus you can see the fuel amount in the tank and decide when and how much fuel to order. You can specify a minimum fuel amount and when the level drops below it you can receive a notification, even on your smart phone.



The small size and the reliability of the Agro Office Fuel electronic block makes it especially suitable for installation on fuel tank trucks and other mobile fuel vessels. It has a built-in GPS device and antenna, so that you can track the vehicle and know the location of each fuel fill. The electronic block has internal memory where it stores fuel fill data before sending it to the server. That is why there is no need for a constant internet connection in the field – even if the truck is out of GSM/GPRS coverage, it keeps the data and you can see it when the connection is restored.



The identification device is a crucial part of Agro Office Fuel – it is in fact an RFID chip reader, which has a memory for up to 1000 chips. By reading a chip, the device actually identifies the machine/driver the chip is assigned to. If the chip is allowed, the fuel fill is possible, and vice versa. If you need, we can equip your system with a second identification device, so you can simultaneously get data about the machine and the driver.

Inventory and monitoring software

Agro Office Fuel consists of electronics (installed at the fuel pump), and software, where you can see the fuel supplies, inventory, and fuel fills. For each fuel supply you receive, you can enter data about supplier, invoice number, fuel amount, fuel amount calculated at 15°С, costs, date, etc. Each fuel fill is automatically subtracted from the amount in the tank, so that you can have data about the available amount at any moment. Furthermore, the inventory can be monitored using the fuel level sensor in the tank. The data from this sensor is not suitable for measurement purposes, but it allows you to compare how much you actually have (measured with the fuel level sensor) with how much fuel you should have (all supplies minus all fuel fills). This is one more way to have full control over the diesel in your farm.

Integration with Agro Office Field

Agro Office Field automatically generates a fuel consumption report. You can use it to claim a reduction in the excise duty on diesel, if applicable. How it works – Agro Office Fuel provides to Agro Office Agronomist data about each fuel supply and each fuel fill. Additionally, if you use Agro Office GPS tracking on you machines, it provides information about the fields and crops, on which the machines have worked. So, in the end, you have a detailed report with information about the consumed fuel per field, crop, operation and machine.

Integration with Agro Office Mobile

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