Yield Monitoring

Ag Leader Yield Monitoring – The Industry Standard

The original is still the most trusted. That’s why Ag Leader’s system is the most widely used grain yield monitoring technology in the world. Create and view yield and moisture maps in real-time while harvesting and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield. With the variety of information collected, you’ll be able to use each harvest season’s data to improve your yield results year after year.

Variations in the harvest in one field

Functions and Advantages of the Yield Monitoring System:

Additionally, the moisture readings collected as crops are harvested give you the ability to plan and manage grain storage options while still in the cab.

  • View yield and moisture maps in real-time for instant feedback on performance
  • Overlay planting maps with real-time harvest maps to view instant variations by hybrid/variety in the cabin or in Agro Office Field
  • AutoSwath™ for harvest provides accurate data when harvesting point rows and partial swaths
  • At-a-glance information provided by harvest summary screen shows number of hectares harvested, total and average tons per hectare and more
  • Decide how to store your grain based on moisture readings in the field
  • Improve seed selections based on yield data over multiple years

How It Works

  1. A sensor in the elevator reads grain moisture
  2. As the grain falls into the bunker, the yield sensor measures grain quantity
  3. Yield and moisture data from the sensors is recorded by the Ag Leader® InCommand 800™ or InCommand 1 200™ display in the cab

The Result

Precise data has enormous significance for increasing profitability through management decisions that lead to increases in yield.

Just a 5% increase in yield could mean 45 EUR / hectare profit*.

* Estimation is based on 6 tons/hectare yield at 150 EUR/ton.