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InCommand 800™ – For Farmers Who Want to Develop. Flexible Functionality in Compact Form

InCommand 800™ is the mid-sized Ag Leader® display with a 8.4 inch touch screen. It’s perfectly suited for farmers who want to manage sowing, fertilisation, spraying and harvesting with only one monitor. Of course, it also supports auto steering with electric motor (OnTrac3™) or hydraulic control (SteerCommand™).

Ag Leader InCommand 800™ is the perfect base for precision farming.

It can implement control – seeders, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers, etc. – so that you can easily apply the desired rate. It can also work with the industry-standard Ag Leader Yield Monitor, and can be installed on various combines, both new and old.

AgLeader – InCommand 800 – model 2016

To use variable rate application (VRA), you only need to make your prescriptions in Agro Office® Field software and import them in the display. This way your implement will automatically apply the desired rate in each part of the field. You can import the prescriptions remotely with the AgFiniti™ wireless data transfer system, or with an USB memory stick.

During operation, InCommand 800™ records all data about your field activities – prescribed rate, applied rate, yield per hectare, moisture, etc. You can then download the information in an easily understandable way – as yield maps, application maps, seeding maps, and so on. Again, you can export the data remotely with AgFiniti™, or with an USB memory stick.

You can easily move your InCommand 800™ display from your seeder to the spreader to the combine, so that you can maximise the return on your investment.

With InCommand 800™ you can apply simultaneously up to three types of inputs, eliminating unnecessary field time, soil compaction, fuel consumption and equipment wear.

InCommand 800™ is perfect for:

  • Yield mapping – with industry leading 1-3% accuracy
  • Variable Rate Application (VRA) – prescriptions and application maps
  • Section control – to avoid overlapping and gaps
  • Multiple product control – application of 3 different products (liquid or granular) at the same time

AgLeader InCommand 800 – yield mapping


  • 8.4 inch touchscreen display
  • Parallel guidance and auto steering with OnTrac3™ or SteerCommand™
  • Multiple guidance patterns, including SmartPath™
  • Implement control (of seeders, fertiliser spreaders, sprayers) with ISOBUS™ connection or with an Ag Leader® controller
  • Data recording and inventory management
  • Yield mapping with Ag Leader Yield Monitor™


  • Multiple product control – application of three different products (liquid or granular) at the same time
  • AutoSwath™ for automatic section control
  • Supports up to 4 external cameras
  • Virtual Terminal for ISOBUS-compliant implements
  • Real-time alerts for field borders, obstacles and markers
  • AgFiniti – wireless data transfer between the display in the cabin and the computer in the office. Remote support
  • Full screen field mapping
  • Supports cadastral maps import
  • 2, 4 or 25 cm accuracy, depending on receiver