Auto Steering

Regardless of the model – Compass, InCommand 800 and InCommand 1200– every display can be equipped with a first class auto steering system by Ag Leader. Precision farming begins with auto steering!

Benefits of auto steering:

• Improves the quality of work
• Reduces operator fatigue
• Allows for longer field work and work in unfavourable conditions (during the night, in fog, on snow)
• Simplifies the work of the operator so that they can concentrate on monitoring the implement, cultivation quality or combine settings
• 100% straight lines with repeatability
• Lowers input costs and increase yield potential by decreasing gaps and overlaps
• Delivers fertilizer directly to the seed trench more accurately
• Can be installed on any brand and model of machinery and easily moved between vehicles


ONTRAC 3™ – Universal Steering

With OnTrac3™ universal assisted steering by Ag Leader® you will reduce operator fatigue and help improve pass-to-pass accuracy. The system is especially suitable for non-steer ready machines.

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STEER COMMAND™ – Hidraulics

SteerCommand™ – Precise Control Of The Hydraulics If you have already invested in a steer ready machine and real-world 2 centimeter accuracy is important to you, then SteerCommand is the right solution for you.

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