AG Leader

The company Ag Leader is established in 1992 in USA. Ag Leader is a pioneer in precision farming. The first product that the company launches on the market – Yield Monitor 2000 and it’s the first massively and widely spread device for precise farming. After it’s entry on the market it substantially develops and so does the technologies in this field. After 2010 the company is known with it’s wide range of modern products, which help the farmer to achieves better results every year.

Display & GPS

Increase the working hours during the night, improve application accuracy, keep your lines straight – using the latest generation of Ag Leader displays. All Ag Leader displays are fully integrated with Agro Office®.

Auto Steering

Regardless of the model – Compass, InCommand 800 and InCommand 1200– every display can be equipped with a first class auto steering system by Ag Leader. Precision farming begins with auto steering! Benefits of auto steering: Improves the quality of work ; Reduces operator fatigue ; Allows for longer field work and work in unfavourable conditions (during the night, in fog, on snow) ; Simplifies the work of the operator…

Implement Control

GPS guidance and auto steering are prerequisites for precision farming. They help farmers reduce production costs by eliminating overlapping and gaps. However, the real basis of precision farming is implement control and data recording.