NIK acquires Yara's software and hardware business in Bulgaria and Romania

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What Can Digital Solutions for Field & Farm Management Provide

Farmers agreed

An inseparable part of the farmer’s life is taking important decisions that require many different competencies, to make sustainable and profitable farming. That requires to analyze in details every situation. Any information could be important, so daily huge amount of data in different formats and types are collected and stored. Unfortunately, often data, scattered on paper in some digital format, placed in folders or archives, stored into navigations or controllers of machines, have no value.

Farm management tools will show you how

Yara Agro Office® is developed with the purpose to make precision farming and farm management easy. It stores all the information about your fields and crops at a glance so that you can make a drill-down analysis of your yield, application, seeding, soil, and other data. This way you can identify the reasons for certain conditions and make timely and informed decisions. The system captures data from telemetry and wireless data transfer systems, providing information about yield, worked area, prescribed rate, applied rate, fuel consumption, the fuel level in the tank, machine location, etc. The right to choose your preferred brand of agriculture equipment is all yours. That is why Agro Office® is open to all – Ag Leader, John Deere, Trimble, Topcon, Claas Telematics, and many more.